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KoinoniaSmMy first article Shining a Light in the Darkness: Angels in Young Adult Literature appeared in Koinonia Magazine, a quarterly denominational magazine of the Anglican church. Thanks to Bishop Leo Michael and his wife Holly Michael for setting up the Maranatha Book Fest and asking me to turn this presentation into an article.

What I’m Working on Now


A dystopian thriller set in an underground world in the not-too-distant future. Check out my recent blog posts for more info.

Naming My Characters in SubTerra

SubTerra Photo Collage

Naming My Characters in SubTerra, Part 2

Crossing Nexis (Nexis Secret #2)

Crossing Nexis Infographic1

  • Writing First Draft: Currently on Chapter 13
    Word count to date: 33,705
  • Polishing Synopsis:
    To submit to my editor once all series synopses are complete

The Nexis Conspiracy (Nexis Secret #3)

  • Writing Synopsis First Draft:
    Currently in plot notes stage

Next on the Agenda

The Nexis Crusade (Nexis Secret #4)

  • Research and shore up plot notes
  • Write synopsis

Upcoming Release

Nexis FB Banner

The Nexis Secret, Book 1

Inspirational Young Adult Paranormal Series

There’s a battle raging between heaven and hell, only one girl sees it all.

After a devastating break up that ended in a car wreck, Lucy McAllen is shipped off to boarding school a thousand miles away. At first Montrose seems like any other ivory-tower-hugging prep school, until Lucy starts to see strange visions of angels, shadows, and prophets like they’re straight from the Bible. Her parents want her to join the elite Nexis Society just like her brother, even though they have hidden agendas other than getting their hand-picked members into Harvard and Yale.

But that’s according to Bryan, the leader of a rival group calling themselves the Guardians. They say she’s firstborn descendant of Noah, possibly even the predecessor to the next Seer. Her whole family was born under this special covenant. Once every century the Seer emerges from her family line. Is this guy for real or just jealous of Will, the dreamy Nexis leader? With both guys vying for her heart, it’s so hard to tell. Yet Bryan’s claims could explain why her brother, former Nexis president, disappeared to Europe two years ago and cut off all contact with her family.

With two rival Romeos after Lucy to join sides, she unearths a terrible secret her parents tried to hide. Apparently their “precious” Nexis has secret plans for her newfound abilities. When Nexis can’t reel her in they resort to clandestine spy tactics, vicious threats, cyber bullying, and even rogue priests.

Until Lucy deciphers her visions, she has no idea she’s in the middle of a centuries-old war—and both factions believe her gifts will decide the fate of the free world. With the help of her guardians, she must take control of her own destiny and find a way to stop the twisted Nexis plan . . . world domination at any price.

Award Winning Essay

Cinematic Theology and The Matrix

Written for the INRB (Intercollegiate National Religious Broadcasters) essay contest, “Cinematic Theology and ‘The Matrix'” is a 10,000 word essay focusing on how The Matrix film trilogy pulls theology from several different religions. This theology is then contrasted with the Judeo-Christian worldview for an informative and sometimes humorous perspective on religion and current issues.

One Act Play

Nothing To Do With You

Even though Julia just broke up with her boyfriend, she is still forced to play opposite him in their school’s production of William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. This play within the play develops tension between Julia and her ex, while Julia’s friendship with another actor, Ray starts to progress.

Ray is a preacher’s kid who’s faith astounds Julia, especially when it holds up to a life- shattering test. Will Julia let her old life get in the way of finding faith for herself? This funny, but riveting play will have you guessing until the end.

For more info on one of these titles please post a request using the comment section.



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