The Nexis Soundtrack

The top 10 artists & songs on the Nexis Songs playlist I listen to every time I need to get inspired, get pumped, and get writing . . .

#1. Plumb – Invisible

This song is quintessential Nexis, probably because Plumb is quintessential me, aka my favorite band of all time. Seriously. If there were ever a movie version of The Nexis Secret, I’d want this as the opening credits song.

Tons of her other songs like Drifting, Need You Now, Say Your Name, Free, Sink ‘n Swim, Boys Don’t Cry, Late Great Planet Earth, Stranded, Solace, and my fav Plumb song Here With Me. Just to name a few. 🙂

#2. Flyleaf – All Around Me

If I could score prologue I’d make this the background song for that scene.  The timing is almost perfect since the prologue is short and this song ends abruptly. Ooo, I’ve got chills already!


I’d also sneak in Again for the bonfire scene, not just because the video has a fire theme. Maybe it’s not so much my mad soundtrack-scoring skills but my weakness for Flyleaf that makes me think about any song of theirs will work somewhere in the Nexis universe. Songs like, I’m So Sick, Perfect, Swept Away, and Fully Alive.

#3. Lifehouse – Blind

This is a beautiful rock ballad that I’ve already blogged about, Faith & Music: Is God’s Love Blind? Part angst, part poetry, this song represents the theme behind the love triangles in the novel. I could see this song spotlighting a Bryan & Lucy montage, the push/pull between Will & Lucy, or a running away from Jake scene. Love it!

#4. Gungor – Beautiful THings

#5. Barlow Girl – Never ALone

#6. Thousand Foot Krutch – Be Somebody

#7. Dia Frampton – Broken Ones

#8. Fireflight – For Those Who Wait

#9. Switchfoot – Afterlife

#10. Krystal Myers – Shine

A Work in Progress . . .

More descriptions coming soon.


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