Hold On

Hold on I say, don’t ever let go,
of that ember of hope waning in the night.
You can’t let it grow cold and … die
simply because you’ve grown too tired to fight.

Though you may be wounded, broken, defeated,
hold on I say, don’t ever let go.
And when the fear of losing grows
close to taking your freedom—say no.

Hold on I say, don’t ever let go,
though it’s hard to see happiness in sight.
It’s waiting to shine out the lies of the darkness.
The truth … a sputtering ember … a hopeful ray of light.

—Barbara Hartzler

I wrote this poem back in college and stumbled across it recently. Enjoy the throwback from my beatnik days.


Fitzgerald Road Quote

Some fitting encouragement to brighten your day. This quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald really spoke to me as I start brainstorming for a new project this week.

Why a new book? Because my release date has been pushed back. So I’ve decided to move on to one of the great ideas I’ve been saving up for a rainy day—a dystopian novel about two sisters, a futuristic society, and a massive underground fallout shelter.

I’ve already had tons of fun hashing out ideas for my next novel. We’re still working on tough-sounding character names over on my Facebook author page. Plus, I had a fabulous coffee date with my brainstorming buddy. It’s funny how much gets accomplished on a rainy day.

Have you experienced a setback recently, or found yourself redirected? Share your story and encourage the rest of us. 🙂