Interstellar Outta This World!

I can’t believe how much I loved this movie! I’m not one to post movie reviews for fear of spoilers, but man Interstellar was too good not to rave about. Seriously, outta this world mind-blowing. Especially for a science-dodo like me. I kept asking myself one question.

Interstellar MemeTruth be told, the trailer doesn’t do this movie justice. By trying NOT to reveal the key plot twist, the trailer makes it look like a bunch of hype. But trust me, it isn’t! It’s just really hard to explain in 1 minute or less. So I’ll try 5 minutes instead.

Basically, the people of planet Earth have used up all their resources and the plants they have left are dying off. No shocker there, right? Matthew McConaughey’s character here is a former NASA engineer when what the world needs is more farmers. So you see where this is going. Secret government project to explore space and figure out a way for humanity to survive. Sorry if that’s a spoiler alert, but there are tons more surprises coming.

These government people convince Matt to leave his kids on Earth and go up into space to find the solution. Only he can pilot their ship. But what he finds up there is WAY more than he bargained for. SPOILER ALERT: Black holes to new galaxies bring in this theory of Einstein’s on relativity. Anne Hathaway’s character best explains it as time slippage the closer you get to a black hole. (I think, anyway.) And yet it’s the black hole that opens the window to new life, if they can just make it back to Earth before everyone dies out.

Those are just glimpses of the surprising twists and turns throughout this beautifully crafted movie. Thankfully, Intersellar doesn’t make that too-obvious jump into horror movie. It’s thrilling, it’s suspenseful. But no horror like every other space movie. Bet you’re wondering what those twists are now. I will mention there are some random cameos from other awesome actors.

Just watching this movie makes you think for hours, even days afterwards. But the best part, it was also completely inspiring. All those out-of-the-box thoughts led to new ideas about the plot of my own book. Not to mention a renewed energy to write my dystopian piece with similar where’d-that-come-from plot twists, even though my story is completely different.

So Interstellar I salute you! Thank you for inspiring me to think crazy new thoughts.

love Movies that Make you Think? seen Interstellar? I’d Love to know your Thoughts. 🙂


Kronk’s Shoulder Angel: Funny Take on Angel Theology

TGIF! Here’s a Fun Friday clip for you. Enjoy . . .

I’ve been asked to talk about angels in young adult literature at the Maranatha Book Fest this weekend. (My first author event! Can you stand it? 🙂 ) Funny that one of the first images that popped into my mind was Kronk’s dilemma with his shoulder angel.

Do you think I can work this Disney take on angels into my presentation?

Because it’s media like this that has shaped our angel theology, right? Of course, it takes a lot more than a character like Kronk to influence our ideas about angels. But it’s a great image to get kids thinking about those winged messengers that save our bacon. (According to my new Tweep, Janice C. Johnson)

What images come to mind when you think about angels?
I’d love to hear from you.

Book Genres Like Movie Categories?

I recently learned that the term chick lit is on its way out. Boo! I thought it was such a clever term for my favorite genre. At the last meeting of my local ACFW chapter I was informed that chick lit is a dying term, but the genre will still be around. Phew! Then I’d have to read something else like cozy mysteries or speculative fiction, which would not be that bad since I think those genre names are fun :).

Apparently the new terminology is romantic comedy, just like movie categories. (Hmm . . . that makes me wonder if the movie industry is plotting to take over the world.  But that’s another blog.) When trying to fit my book into a genre, I’ve been struggling with the term romantic comedy. It just doesn’t seem to fit my book. Maybe that means that chick lit wasn’t exactly right either. I’d say my book is fun and lighthearted at times, but it also deals with serious issues like forgiveness and letting the past go. But I wouldn’t say that it’s a comedy, as in laugh-out-loud hilarious. I guess it is a comedy in the classical sense because it has a happy ending, as opposed to a tragedy. So if a book is funny, even sarcastic at times, with a happy ending and there’s romance involved it must be a romantic comedy right? Not exactly like a Katherine Heigl movie, but maybe I can get her to star in the movie version. Who knows?

Maybe I’m the only one out of the loop on the happenings of chick lit, but if not get ready, it’s not gonna be around too long. For anyone who loves chick lit like I do, you may be sad to see it go. At least it’s going in name only. The essence will remain.