What I’m Reading: Malicious Mischief

MaliciousMischiefFrontFinal6x9Who knew that back in the day “Malicious Mischief” was a serious charge you could be arrested for? Lora Young knew, and she wrote her railway romantic suspense/mystery around this very concept. So here’s my take on Malicious Mischief by Lora Young.

Malicious Mischief is an interesting mix of suspense and mystery, with a bud of romance that grows organically throughout the story. (Don’t be too disappointed like I was at the beginning. Just wait for it, the romantic suspense comes later.)

Delia is not like most heroines, she’s awkward with men and doesn’t wait for them to come to her rescue. She’s perfectly happy to rescue herself, which you’ve got to love about her.

I confess it now—I LOVED the railroad setting. Trains have always fascinated me.

This is story about two worlds colliding, Delia’s dad owns steamer ships and Endy runs the local railroad depot. You also get a feel for the steamer ships that the railway eventually phased out. But the collision of these two worlds is messy, leading from pranks to full on mystery, unfolding with greater and greater suspense.

Somehow the author captures the intrigue of a railroad mystery, couching it in the confines of the everyday lifestyle of the time period. I found the book fascinating, unexpected, and chock-full of twists and realistic characters.

This book is not your typical romantic suspense/mystery. It’s a beautiful hybrid, growing in depth, complexity, and sprinkled with a bit of grit when necessary.

Lora Young

What started out as a secret pastime morphed into a desire to see her creations published. So she studied the writing craft, joined American Chrisitan Fiction Writers (ACFW), went to conferences, entered contests, and sent proposals. And got rejections.The reasons for those rejections were encouraging though. Every one of them said the editor liked the story and liked her writing, but the book market was tight and the publishing house was re-structuring or cutting their fiction line entirely.

So Lora decided to publish independently. Scared but determined, she produced her first indie pubbed book—a devotional entitled. Abiding: 30 Steps Closer. When she’s not writing, Lora enjoys reading, hiking, and ballroom dancing. Most of all she delights in drinking chai tea lattes, and spending time with friends and family.

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