7 Celebs Born on Wombat Day, Just Like Me

22 balloon pic

It’s my birthday today, and I’ve got 8 new reasons why October 22nd is the best day of the year! Not only do I share my fabulous day with 7 awesome celebrities, but today is also international Wombat Day.  Never heard of a wombat before? Me either, until I did some research for my last post. So Happy Wombat Day, and Happy Birthday to these fine celebs.

1. Jeff Goldblum


That Jurassic Park, Independence Day, Big Chill guy who was born 31 years before me. Yep, that makes him twice as old as I am today. Wink, winky. 😉

2. Jon Foreman


This Switchfoot front man heads up my second favorite band of all-time, writes amAHzing songs, and performs cool live shows. I’m seriously stoked that we share the same birthday. That totally rocks!

3. TobyMac

An inspiring singer/rapper who was one of my first CD buys in his early DC talk rapping days. Another amazing singer and songwriter.

4. Christopher Lloyd

The crazy comedian/actor famous for Back to the Future and his Einstein hair.

5. Franz Liszt

The cool composer guy whose pieces I can never name because they always sound like Tchaikovsky or someone else. He’s THAT good, people.

6. Barbara Potter

No, I’m not talking about unmarried me. Turns out there’s a tennis player with the EXACT same name I toted around for 23 years. (Tennis fans are tossing their rackets at me in cyberspace.) “Ahem, Barbara Potter, meet Barbara Potter Hartzler. And by the way, happy birthday to you both.” Strange world, huh?

Debbie Macomber7. Debbie Macomber

Since I’m an author I had to include this best-selling author famous for her Mrs. Miracle and Cedar Cove books, both made into Hallmark movies and TV series respectively. Believe me, you’ll understand the need for a feel good Mrs. Miracle movie when Christmas comes around.

There were tons of other awesome people who share my birthday including Robinson Cano, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and a Hanson brother. Happy birthday to us all, and to all a Happy Wombat day! 🙂

For more awesome October 22nd birthdays go to Famous Birthdays.com, or check out your own birthday to see who else is awesome right along with you! For more on Wombat Day check out yesterday’s post 4 Reasons Why Wombats Are Better Than Koalas and Kangaroos.

Your turn. Who do you share your birthday with? Better make it good, mine are hard to top.




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