Naming My Characters in SubTerra, Part 2

The results are in! Thanks to everyone who voted on my character names. I ended up changing one character’s name because of your votes. SubTerra thanks you! Here’s the newly minted names and their nerded-out meanings.

Letha MangaAlethea Teca Zarin – “Letha”

You guys were more divided on my heroine’s name than I was, so I deviated from my original plan. Since each name was 1 vote apart, I made the executive decision to use the winning last name only. Don’t hate me!

Jelena Zarin was the 1 vote winner–a much cooler sounding last name than Ewart. But Ewart  actually means “river enclosure” a  tidbit I planned to use in the series. Lucky for you, plans change. So what does Letha’s full name mean? Here’s the breakdown:

Alethea = Light, perfect for a underground world
Teca = Reaper, summer,  or harvest …
Zarin = Made of gold

Jenna MangaAurelia JennaBeth Zarin – “Aurie”

Surprised? I was all set to name Letha’s sister JennaBeth, but you guys changed my mind. Now I love it! I think Aurie works better with Alethea. Thanks for making me see the light. When the original middle name I had in mind, Chela, got zero votes, I combined the top two choices into one name. Now what does it mean?

Aurelia = The golden one
JennaBeth = Spiritual gift
Zarin  = Made of gold

Hmm…does that seem redundant to you? At first, maybe. But when you meet Aurie, the bubbly blonde girl who wants to fit in and needs to learn common sense, you’ll agree that a double-dose of gold is quite fitting.

Dar PicDarshana Tiarni Moses – “Dar”

Dar was the landslide winner, so no surprise here. I added the second-place winner just for fun as her middle name.

Darshana = Seeing
Tiarni = Generous one
Moses = Deliver + that cool guy from the Bible

I debated over nicknames for Dar, from “Darci” to “Shana” but they all sounded too normal and girly. That’s not Dar. She’s a tomboy and intriguingly different in a way that makes you think about your own life. So Dar Moses was the perfect fit.

What about the rest of the names? I plan to use the rejects Chela and Kaja for other character names, maybe even bad girl names. That still leaves the alternate main character names Jelena and Camistrina. I’ll have to scratch Jelena because the nickname Lena is too close to Letha. Wouldn’t that be confusing? As far as Cami or Camistrina goes, I don’t even like the name anymore, even though I made it up myself. But if that’s your favorite, please make your case. I could always be convinced otherwise.

I’ve got tons more characters, places, and SubTerra jargon words to come up with. Not sure if I should clog up my blog with more polls, though. I’ll leave that up to you.

Want to see more polls about SubTerra? Let me know! if Not, I’ll have to name everything myself… 🙂




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