Naming My Characters In Subterra

Courtesy GLady via Pixababy

Courtesy GLady via Pixababy

I’m working on a new dystopian book set in the underground world of Subterra. (Not sure if that’s the title yet.) It’s a system of underground catacombs playing fallout shelter for a new kind of society. It will have its own levels of upper, middle, & lower class citizens with room for promotion and demotion. There will also be some interesting synthetic fashion trends, thriving nightlife since it’s always night there, and a totally revamped political system. (As if there’s anything new under the sun.)

So exciting! Except, I need your help naming some of my characters.  Check out the polls below to tell me what you think.

Letha MangaMain Character – Heroine Name

16-17, oldest sister, working for advancement up the level system of Subterra

Jenna Manga

Major Character – Heroine’s Sister’s Name

14-15, younger sister, trying to fit in and ride her sister’s coattails

Dar PicMajor Character – Best Friend

16-17, exotic newcomer, unique and little rebellious


If you have other ideas please do tell! I’m all ears, digitally at least. 🙂



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