Bucket List: Watching the Royals Win a Playoff Game

Sammy Royals Wildcard WIN

Hubs in his rally hat & rally shirt cheering Royals 12th inning victory!

Another bucket list item checked off. My hometown baseball team finally won a playoff game last night! I’ve been a Royals fan since I was born. Some of my favorite memories as a kid were going to the games with my dad. That means I’ve waited 29 years for a Kansas City playoff win. But I never expected it to play out like it did–an exciting roller coaster ride ending in a walk-off in the 12th inning!

That was one of the most nerve-wracking, exhilarating games I’ve ever seen the Royals play. It started off with a 2-run homer in the 1st by the A’s. But we came right back with a run of our own. Phew! I could breathe again. Then a few innings later we scored two more runs. Yes, on top again! Except that’s when the comedy of errors kicked in, and this game turned all-too-true-to-life.

The manager tried a base-running trick with the slowest runner on our team. What? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a Billy Butler fan. (I even made up a version of Louie, Louie to Billy, Billy.) But he’s not the guy to fool anyone in a rundown. Next thing I know our manager is taking out our starting pitcher, (the one the team acquired just to get to the playoffs), and putting in another starter to pitch relief. Who does that? The answer–no one! He gave up a monster 3-run homer and the A’s were winning again.

Yikes is right! My husband called it the definition of choking–doing something you don’t normally do on the off-chance it’ll pay off. How many times have I done that in my life? Too many to count.

The Royals did what I hope we all do when life gets us down–they stayed in the game. It was a grind to tie it up in the bottom of the 9th. One run here, one run there. But every run counted, every stolen base (7 total, tying a postseason record). And we made it to extra innings! (Thanks, Dyson!)

Some fabulous pitching by a rookie, along with players stepping up across the board, kept us in the game. When the A’s scored a run in the top of the 12th, the Royals didn’t act like it was over. They came right back with a triple by Hosmer, (the guy on my Royals shirt), a base hit by Colon to tie the game, and a hit by Salvy Perez to end the game.

It could’ve ended differently, but it didn’t. This hometown team wanted that victory–and they hung in there till they won it.

Kansas City Fountain Dyed Blue for Victory!

Kansas City Fountain Dyed Blue for Victory!

I wish life was like a team sport. In some ways it is. Even when I feel all alone here comes my husband, my mother, or my friend to pick me up, encourage me, and set me back on the right path. But I’m most thankful that I have a manager of my life who knows what He’s doing. 🙂

Can you relate to the Royals Wild Card victory? Me, too! So please share your thoughts with me, I’d love to read them. 🙂

George Brett via The Baseball Continuum



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