Time to Turn That Blog Into a Book? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself First

Lately I’ve been thinking about turning my blog into something publishable, a column, a book, or an ebook. There’s so many options to choose from. And lots of resources out there clamoring for attention. As I formulate my thoughts into some kind of plan, I wondered if other bloggers are in the same predicament. If so, here’s a look at my thought processes before the fateful decision is made:

1. Am I Ready? How much time it will take, and how much of my resources will be needed? Now is a great time for self-publishing, but is it right for me? I’ve always told myself to try the traditional publishing route first. Would a short self-pubbed book ruin my chances? I know it all depends on the publisher, but it’ll take some research to figure that out.

2. Do I Have Enough Content?  I wonder if it makes sense to pour time into one tiny ebook without any other products to back it up. I’d probably have to charge a few bucks to make it work it. I could follow the advice of Joel Friedlander(@JFBookman) in his CopyBlogger post today: 3 Simple Ways to Turn Your Website Archive into Profitable Books and eBooks.

3. What Would the Focus Be? I have a great Writer’s Tips series that I could easily make into an ebook. It would be great for beginning writers who aren’t sure where to start. But beyond that, I’m not sure what else I can offer. Then again, I could turn my new focus of faith and entertainment into a short ebook, too. Or I can start future blog series to turn into books, like Joel suggests.

4. How Can a Book Promote My Blog? A blog in itself reaches a certain niche of people. There’s an audience to reach, if I can learn to target them. Free content, otherwise known as content marketing, would promote my brand further, and in turn promote my blog. It’s all a new process to me. And I wonder if free content would be better than a cheap book. There are examples of how both can work like The Creative Penn.

5. Can I Make it Professional? This is a big deal to me. If I put something out there, I want it to be professional. That means fully edited and promoted. But those things cost money. And time, not only to find a great editor but to go through rounds of edits. Marketing and promotion are tools I’m interested in, but I wonder if I can do it all myself.

Will my reasons of promoting my blog and enhancing my platform outweigh my concerns of self-pubbing? The verdict is still out on that. Right now I’ve got a query out and a contest to worry about. But when those things are decided, this might be a next step to consider. Food for thought anyway. I’ll keep you posted.



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