Holy Paris Gellar: 8 Emerging Godly Girl Websites

I’ve been checking around for new websites for teen girls, and I’ve stumbled across some rocking sites. I stole this phrase from a Twitter teen because I thought it was awesome! Not that Paris was a Godly girl, but if she was, I’m sure she’d endorse these sites, too. (And I seriously miss Gilmore Girls.) Here’s my top 7 up-and-coming girls-for-God sites:

1. Nicole O’dell.com and Choose Now Ministries: For the Good Girl, who wants to surf the Web on parent-approved sites. This site has advice columns for parents and teens–separately. Nicole shares her site with top Christian authors who give advice on Dating, Boys, Dreaming Big, Teen Pregnancy, and more.

2. Girls, God, and the Good Life: Authors like Betsy St. Amant, Camy Tang, and Jeneatte Hanscome post candid life lessons that really make you think. This site is chockfull of great resources for book and entertainment lovers who want “clean” alternatives to the entertainment choices always out there. Check it out.

3. RelateMag.com: This site is like the Seventeen Magazine for the Godly Girl. It has all kinds of articles from style and health tips, to celebrity and entertainment news, to relating your faith. Girls who are godly and girly will love it.

4. GoTeenWriters.com: Author Stephanie Morrill shares her insights on writing just for teen girls. She is joined by Jill Williamson, Rachel Coker, and Roseanna White who post their tips and offer contests for the Writer Girl who wants to improve her craft.

5. KatharosNow.com: This site is a mix of published authors and teens who post on timely topics like The Hunger Games, dating and relationships, daily living, and more. There’s even guy perspectives on a few issues. I just LOVED all the different perspectives this site has to offer.

6. Novel Teen @ Jill Williamson.com: Author Jill Williamson posts interviews and book reviews of “clean” teen novels, and even offers teens a chance to submit reviews. (Within certain parameters of course.) This is a great site for all the latest in Christian teen books.

7. RealTeenFaith.com: Great site with videos, testimonials about teen topics, and an advice column for teens. If you need a boost for your faith, this site will help you make sense of it all.

8. ProofSeeTheEvidence.org: This is a new site with YA writers Becky Dean, Tanya Eavenson, and author Shellie Neumeier. They post devos, and thoughts on deep Christian issues, along with author interviews and other lighthearted topics. Give it a try.

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