Six Timeless Truths From the Movie Kate and Leopold

In case you’re wondering, Kate and Leopold was on TV the other night and I watched it for the umpteenth time. This time was different, because I stopped to think about why I love this movie so much. That’s when I came up with the following list that encompasses my favorite parts of the movie and the lessons I’ve learned watching it over and over again.

  1. Real Life Isn’t Always Pretty: I love how this movie portrays aspects of real life even though it’s a romantic comedy at heart. Kate gets tired and tells Leopold to go away like every unperfect woman in the world does every now and then. What a contrast to the perfect heroines you see in every other movie.
  1. Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams: Sometimes it’s hard to believe in yourself when no one else does and everything goes wrong. Kate and Leopold wrestle with this along with the other characters in the movie. Even though they face setbacks in their relationships and careers, each character finds their own way to keep moving forward and not let their setbacks define them. How inspiring.
  2. It’s Okay to Apologize: One of my favorite scenes in the movie comes when Leopold sends a heartfelt apology note to Kate after running his mouth off to her boss. Then he provides even further proof of his sincerity with a rooftop dinner. Now that’s what I call a romantic way to win over a lady. And it works on the audience, too.
  3. Have Faith in People: While nobody’s perfect, most people have some redeeming qualities. Not everyone is wholly bad or wholly good. Kate’s ex-boyfriend, Stuart, was too involved with his own experiments and neglected Kate in the process. But the end of t heir story led to the beginning of Kate and Leopold and their crazy-fun, time travel romance. What’s not to love about that?
  4. Believe In The Impossible: Whether it’s a dog seeing a rainbow—or a career woman jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge into the 1800s–sometimes what seems impossible is actually logical if you look at it from another angle. Don’t be afraid to believe, and even hope, for things t hat seem impossible. You never know, it just might happen.
  5. Go Ahead And Take That Leap Of Faith: What comes after believing in the impossible? Well, if you really believe then it’s time to take that leap of faith just like Kate. Maybe yo u need time or proof like Kate did, but once you finally let yourself believe in something don’t let anything stand in your way. Sometimes it’s hard or even dangerous to take that leap of faith. What’s waiting on the other side will be well worth it. What girl doesn’t want to follow a duke back into the 1800s [spoiler alert] so he can announce her as his new bride? Really that whole concept is my favorite part of Kate and Leopold.

Now that’s what I love about Kate and Leopold. What do you love about the movie? What are your favorite parts? Gasp, what could you possibly dislike about the movie? Go ahead and share thoughts, whatever they are. I’d love to hear from you.


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