With Hands Lifted High

I know it’s been awhile and you probably wonder what I’ve been up to. Well, it’s not pretty. I have been sidelined by severe pain in both of my hands. Right now the doctors think that it’s tendonitis, but I still have more tests to undergo so they can be sure. I have been unable to work for practically all of January, and unable to do most menial tasks like driving, working on the computer, and even cutting my own food. If it wasn’t for my voice recognition software, I could barely type at all. For all who believe, please pray for a speedy recovery.

The pain occurs whenever I move my thumbs. Just try not being able to move your thumb, and you’ll see how much of a hindrance it can be. Through all of this I have not been able to write much, which is the most disheartening part. I can’t even journal, which is a great outlet for me when I’m frustrated. In spite of all of this, I feel that God has been working to teach me patience (which I desperately need). And I’ve learned to reach out and rely on Him for help even in small everyday things. I truly thank God for turning this obstacle into a tool that He can use.

I have two crucial doctor appointments coming up this week and I’m asking for your prayers. On Tuesday, January 31st I have an appointment with a doctor who will determine if I get Worker’s Compensation. Since I believe that this was clearly a workplace injury, I’m hoping for the best with this doctor. But whatever the outcome, I know God will provide. (Thank goodness we have Aflac to keep us afloat 🙂 )

On Thursday, February 2nd I see a rhuematologist to check for other possible explanations. They will probably just order tests first, but I pray for God’s wisdom to guide them to the right solution so this problem can be solved quickly. In some ways I hope it’s just tendonitis, because that’s easier to deal with. Either way, I’m praying for a quick and accurate diagnosis.

Thank you to all who are praying and all who are concerned. I know you’re out there because my blog stats have been up all month. It was so encouraging to know that people are checking on me. I’ll keep you posted when I’m able. With my hands lifted high, I praise God for what He has done and what He will do. Blessings to all of you! 🙂



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