The Results Are In . . . Second Place for My Short Story

Woohoo! I can’t believe it! My young adult short story, a  sci-fi/fantasy called Tinges, placed second in the Port Yonder Press short story mentoring group. Check out the post with an exceprt from my story here. It’s the first time my fiction has ever garnered an award. And it was so unexpected, too.

For the past few months I’ve been involved in the PYP short story mentoring group. My group, Team Precedent, consists of three writers mentored by New Zealand editor and publisher Grace Bridges. Grace’s story Unquiet Personality took third place in the contest. Congratulations Grace! What a great mentor. I didn’t even know the group’s leader was organizing a contest for our short stories. Such a surprise.

The PYP mentoring group is led by Chila Woychik, who is the publisher and managing editor of Port Yonder Press. I had some great ideas waiting on me to complete my novel. This group helped me bring out that first idea. I’m glad I committed to the process.  The one requirement that sold me was this–submit to five general, non-Christian markets.

I’ve always wanted my stories to reach across market lines. What a great way to get started. I would love to break into the general market solely on  writing merit. It’s no secret that the general market has high standards for quality writing. But the wholesome bar can be low. I enjoy writing and reading great stories free of swearing, excessive violence, and explicit sex. I especially think that young adults deserve a high-quality alternative to the unnecessary references that plague many teen books on the market today. There’s a way to keep reality without sacrificing. Now’s my chance to see if my work can pass the test.

If you’re in the praying camp, please send up a prayer that Tinges will find the right home. And for those who just want to read a good story, all I ask is that you consider looking at mine. You can check out the exceprt on the PYP Results Page. I’ll keep you posted on the details if I find a market for my short story.

What’s next? I’ll submit my story to five high-quality markets in order of prominence. My top market requires snail mail and boasts a four-month response time. (Now you know why I asked for prayer, right?) So while I’m working up my submission,  I’ve got a poll for you. Check it out.



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