The Glee Project: Vote for My Friend

My friend Laura Baum is auditioning to be on the Glee Project. Check it out. Just go to this Glee Project  link and hit like. You’ll see for yourself. Laura sings The Edge better than Lady Gaga.

Okay, this may be a shameless plug for my friend. But she can use all the votes she can get. So just click on the link above and check out her video. Click on the button to “view with questions”, otherwise it’s kind of confusing. Her song is a little ways in, but it’s worth it. She’s a great singer! 🙂

Laura and I go way back. I was friends with her brother in high school. Now she’s all grown up and going to school to be a screenwriter. Oh yeah, and auditioning for the Glee Project. How awesome is that? Three cheers for Laura. Way to go after your dreams.

Originally from my hometown of Kansas City, MO, Laura now lives in California and is pursing a graduate degree in screenwriting. Laura has been singing, playing music, and writing songs for as long as I can remember. Well, she does come from quite a musical family.

To wish Laura all the best on her musical endeavors, check out her FB fan page.

Good luck Laura! KC loves you. 🙂


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