Tom Sawyer Becomes a Ballet

Last Friday I had the privilege of observing KC Ballet‘s finest as they prepared for their upcoming ballet, Tom Sawyer. How can they make Tom Sawyer into a ballet? I asked the same question. But then I watched as they worked out a sequence to simulate the ebb and flow of the  Mississippi River. Who ever thought of using ballet to portray the mighty Mississippi? It was stunning to watch. And equally inspiring.

What a great way to mix two art mediums to create something unique. Maybe one day I’ll write a book that’ll be performed as a ballet. That would be awesome! For now I’ll just try to channel their inspiration into creating word pictures of my own.

I want readers to feel like they’re in the story. Right in the middle of  the Times Square lights watching a bagpiper with Lucy in my contemporary YA story A Corner of Reality. Or being transported to a strange world where everything is the same color in my sci-fi/fantasy short story Tinges. Right now I’m working out how readers would relate to my kindergarten teacher turned FBI terrorist suspect in my thriller loosely titled Enemy at Home.

I hope I can make each of these stories come alive. Just like the KC Ballet did right before my eyes with the river in Tom Sawyer. At least that’s my goal. In either art form it’s not easy to create emotions or conflict that people can relate to. But it’s well worth the extra effort.


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