X Factor Inspiration

If you haven’t been watching X factor because you think it’s too much like American Idol–you’re wrong. Just like I was. It’s so much better! X Factor has a much better format. And they really spotlight the hopefuls. It’s so inspiring.

I’ve got my favorites, especially this one scruffy looking guy, Josh Krajcik. He was a burrito maker by day and a musician at night. Then he belts out his bluesy songs and you think, “Wow. How has this guy never found a record deal before now?” Now that he’s been discovered, I highly doubt that he’ll go back to burrito making. At least for a living.

I also have a day job. At least it’s better than burrito making. And I’ve been feeling pretty stuck in it lately. But Josh’s story reminded me that my job is just a day job. Like any other artist might have. I’m really a writer. I just have to make ends meet.

Every time I get frustrated at work, I just have to remind my self–it’s a day job. My real job is writing. Of course, that means I have to keep writing. Keep working on my craft. And keep submitting. Even in the face of ten thousand rejections. (I really hope it doesn’t come to that.)

So thanks, Josh Krajcik, and all the other X Factor hopefuls. It takes courage to go for your dreams. You are inspiring a nation of people like me. At some point we all debate about giving up our dreams. And we need all the inspiration we can get.



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