After Conference Aftershock

If you’ve ever been to a crammed tight writer’s conference, you totally understand that title. I just got back from a very exciting conference. And it was life-changing. Amazing, yes. Did I snag a glitzy book deal? No. Did I land that big time agent? No.

So what made it so life-changing? It was my foot-in-the-door conference. It took a big step like this conference for me to finally realize that I’m in the game. I’m a writer. With a raving critique from a publishing author, an agent saying my work is strong, and a mentor who asked what I’d like to be writing in five years, I finally feel like I’m on the right path.

Sure, I was shell-shocked the first time they told me there’s no market for my book. But they all said the writing is good. And that’s a great place to start. Now should I revamp my book to fit the current market? Or shelve it until the market is ready? I feel like there’s got to be some option in between, and I’m hoping I figure it out. Soon.

Thank you God for a great experience. For meeting great people. And finding a writing family. Now I feel like I have to buckle down and work harder at the writing craft. At least it’s not all up to me. The real author and finisher is faithful to help me find the discipline, strength, and encouragement I need. It’s good to know, I’m not alone.


P.S. For those of you who are wondering, I hope to get back on my regular blog schedule next week. Hope you’ll stick around. 🙂


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