Writing Log, Day 6

Today was a struggle for me. I had a big goal in mind. But I did finish two chapters today. And they’re in pretty good shape. Wish I could’ve focused more. That was probably the biggest struggle.

Last night I worked out a rough outline for a sci-fi/fantasy short story. Seeing the final Harry Potter movie turned out to be a big inspiration. I will probably have to do some research to iron out the details.

Overall, it was a semi-productive writing day. I hope tomorrow is more productive. Some focus would help. Or maybe 5 hour energy. 🙂



    • Jackie: Teenagers don’t need 5 hour energy! I bet they’re bouncing off the walls. Isn’t that why they make it, so adults can feel like teenagers again? I’m giving it a shot. Since I’m working on my YA romantic comedy, it may help to feel like a teenager again. But if it makes me too jittery then it’s back to plain old coffee. 🙂


  1. It can actually be worse. My dd wasn’t allowed to drink any of those energy drinks. It turned her into a two year old throwing tantrums on the floor, sobbing and violent. Not good.

    Anything writing related is productive, so I call it a good day.


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