Writers Tip #8: Track Your Writing Time

This tip may be more for me than anyone, since I’ve had trouble sitting down and writing lately. I haven’t been focused, and I’m feeling out of touch. Rusty even. Time to get back into the game. (See what I mean? 🙂 ) So this week I decided the best way to refocus would be to keep a log of my writing accomplishments each day. I’ve got three projects I’m working on. Plenty to write.

At the end of the week, I hope to have done at least one writing-related task a day. Next week I plan to evaluate what I’ve done, and build on each task. Things may not go according to plan. It could be better or worse than I expect. But by keeping a writing log each day, at least I’ll know what I’ve done. It’s not unlike a food diary they suggest you keep if you’re ever going to win The Biggest Loser. Maybe I should make up a title for it . . .

Writing Log, Day 1

  1. Today I polished 15 pages on my YA novel. The first 15 are pretty good. I worked on adding in reader rewards like the five senses, especially the smells of the area. It’s hard to add taste without it being obvious. Need to work on that.
  2. Read a neighboring PYP team mentor C.L. Dyck’s blog post on inspiration for writing and all art. Had some clips of hip-hop cellists, too.
  3. I published a new blog series. Yep this is only the beginning, mwahaha . . .
  4. One more hour of polishing to go. 34 pages total, halfway through chapter 5. Woohoo!

Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted throughout the week, in case you want to know. 🙂



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