Family in Tornado in Joplin

Hi everyone. If you haven’t heard about the tornado that hit Joplin, check out My sister lives on the north edge of the hardest hit area. Her apartment is around 20th Street. The news reports that I’ve seen say that they won’t let people in south of 20th street. The quote from local news, KMBC channel 9, says “If you have no business south of 20th street, don’t go there. It’s completely leveled.” The church service she normally attends started around the time of the storm. I am hoping and praying that she is safe. But as of now I have no word.

Please keep Joplin in your thoughts and prayers. I’ve been watching the news for hours, and heard some horrible things. St. John’s regional medical center was badly damaged and is shut down now. Nursing homes, homes, the local high, and even the local walmart have been severely damaged or leveled.

My grandparents and uncle who live in Reddings Mill, just outside of Joplin, are safe. But we are still waiting on word from my sister. Please continue to pray. Thanks so much. I will keep you posted when I hear more news.



  1. Thanks Sandy. I just heard that her apartment building was still standing, but she’s not their nor is her car. My grandpa and uncle will be checking shelters next. My husband and I will probably head down there if we don’t hear anything in a couple of hours.


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