Yesterday’s Tomorrow: A Gripping Vietnam Love Story

Book CoverA debut novel from OakTara by Catherine West, Yesterday’s Tomorrow is a gripping romance set in the middle of the Vietnam War. There’s three things I LOVED about this book–the real characters, the realistic setting, and the very real drama.  The story follows Kristin, a journalist who wants to prove to her boss that women can be field correspondents in the jungle of Vietnam. At a young age her father was killed while reporting on the war. And no one is going to get in her way–not even the handsome photographer who can’t mind his own business. West’s stunning imagery makes Vietnam’s beauty come alive from the  jungle to the beach, and is juxtaposed against the backdrop of sobering war scenes.

Kristin doubts God and fights her fears about falling in love. She’s a relatable, flawed character, just like you and me. I found myself rooting for her to overcome the tragedies she faced–even though they seem insurmountable. West’s characters are funny and you want to get to know them. But they’re not perfect, which many Christian romantic characters tend to be. I found myself getting quite involved in the saga. It’s more dramatic and startling than fun chick lit, which is what I normally read. But Yesterday’s Tomorrow provides a wholly different kind of escape. If you pick up this book, you’ll find yourself in the jungles of Vietnam with a fresh sense of what really went on during that bloody war. And a greater appreciation for the veteran’s that fought and died there.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow is a very powerful and compelling read. If you’ve ever doubted God in a tragedy, you’ll relate to Kristin, who’s obstacles would make anyone crumble. If you’ve ever wondered what it was like for reporters in Vietnam, here’s your chance. I think Yesterday’s Tomorrow is an important book to help modern people understand what the Vietnam war was like. It also serves as a bridge between the Christian market and the secular world of books.  Yesterday’s Tomorrow released on March 15 from OakTara Publishers. Click here to check it out:

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Check out my interview with author Catherine West

Yesterday’s Tomorrow Book Trailer

DISCLAIMER: I received a free copy of this book from the author for review. However, the review is still my honest opinion.



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