My Genesis Contest Results

I almost semi-finaled in the ACFW Genesis contest! Can you believe it? It was my first time entering, and I’m so happy with my scores. I was only 2 points away from the semi-final round. This may sound strange, but I’m so excited to miss the cut by 2 points! It means I was so close. After the lukewarm-at-best scores of my last contest, I vowed to revamp my piece and score better. And the Genesis results were better than I’d hoped for. Sure, I secretly wished to go all the way. But I’m happy with the reality of my scores.  And comments.

I received some very insightful and encouraging comments from my judges. One said my story was publishable and she wanted to read more! Of course, I about jumped out of my chair at that. There’s been so many times that I wonder if A Corner of Reality is supposed to be my first novel or if I should just move on to my next story (which I have a really great idea for, btw). But every time I try to move on to my next novel, something pulls me back to that YA book I started in college. God must have plans for it. If He’s willing to keep directing me back to ACoR, then He can certainly find a way to get it into the right hands. I  just have to keep writing and networking and sending out proposals. I trust Him to do the rest. 🙂

One of my judges had a great idea about how to find authentic dialogue. She suggested searching YouTube for people talking about living in the area/region where my characters are from. I have one from Indiana and one from New York. Any excuse to use YouTube for research–I’m there! What a great idea. Try it. You’ll probably love it as much as I do.

Overall, I was super impressed by the caliber of judges in this year’s Genesis contest. They were all professional and encouraging in some way. I will definitely enter next year. Not just because I received decent scores, but mainly for the comments I received. I got great ideas for conflict with my characters, tips on grammar and mechanics, along with some great nuggets of encouragement that I will treasure forever! And you can’t put a pricetag on that. Thanks to all three of my Genesis judges. You were such a blessing to me!


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