April Goals

I’m in the middle of crunch time now. I’ve got an in-depth proposal to research.  And three chapters to rewrite in deep POV. What better time to reshape my goals? Actually this kinda feels like a special month. So special it needs its own set of goals to keep me on track. I’ve got a lot going on. Time to organize it.

1.  Get my proposal out ASAP.
2.  Rework chapters into deep POV. One chapter a day
3.  Keep up with ACFW emails
4.  Blog about writer’s conference.

I think that’s about all I can handle for the month. Hopefully I’ll get it all done, but I’d settle for most. Some of you know I went to the Called to Write conference last weekend. It was fabulous! Especially because the agent I met with asked for a proposal. I hope he was really interested and not just making a suggestion. There’s only one way to find out! It’s a serious, in-depth proposal. And I want to get it out right away, while the agent still has a chance of remembering my name. 🙂

After the proposal’s out, I’ll post as soon as I can about everything I learned at the conference. It was my first one, so it’ll probably be a lot. Might have to break it up into two post. Until then, keep up with your writing goals!


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