Writers Tip #2: Keep the Faith

One of the most important things to being a writer is having faith. You must have faith in your work, and in yourself. Writing is a tough industry to break into, and tough to stay in. It takes a lot of work to write a book, but it takes even more work to revise it and market it. If you’ve completed a novel, then you’re halfway there. There’s still so much to learn from here on out.

You may think some people are just lucky, they caught a break. Most of the time that isn’t the case. Most published authors worked hard to get that first book into print. Just ask one, they’ll tell you. It takes a strong commitment, to yourself and the craft, in order to get published. You will get discouraged, especially when you have to wait around for things to happen. You will get rejections. You will get scathing critiques. It’s just the nature of writing. It’s personal. That work you’ve created is like your baby, and no one makes fun of your baby. If you have faith in your work, it will keep you on track in the rough times.

Everyone’s heard about visualization, and it’s what helps me keep the faith. I can see my book on the shelves and me at book signings. I can see my future as a published author, even though it hasn’t happened yet. I believe God gave me that vision, because He knew I needed it. People who know me can tell you, I’m not the most patient person. Especially when it comes to something I really want. I get discouraged all the time, and having that vision in my head, and the call in my heart, is reassuring. God has given me those wonderful gifts, along with a good support system of people who believe in me. I’m also involved in a great writer’s group, that makes me feel like a professional while honing my skills. That’s how I keep the faith that I will get published soon. How do you keep the faith? I’d love to know, and so would a lot of writers on the road to publication. Add a comment if you’ve got a great idea, we can all use a little lift! 🙂

  • In the line of encouragement, Sandra Adroin has a monthly blog on the last Friday of every month called High-Five Friday! that celebrates individual writer’s achievements.  Here’s a link to her site http://sandraardoin.wordpress.com/ Check out the post this Friday.

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