Writers Tip #1: Join a Writers Group

If you’ve got a book and want to get it sold, you need to find a writers group. Whether it’s a local meeting, or a national organization, joining a writers group is key to success. Why? It all boils down to one reason, feedback. You need feedback to make your book better, good honest feedback you won’t get from your family or friends. There are numerous organizations you can join. Locally you can check with libraries or bookstores like Barnes & Noble to see if writing groups meet there. Personally, I suggest joining a national group that has online resources, like American Christian Fiction Writers.

When I joined ACFW I gained access to a discussion forums, writing classes, critiquing opportunities, and a local group on top of that. Now I’m learning about self-editing while networking with writers in my genre across the country. I’m involved in three critique groups which have seriously honed my writing skills. And I’ve met a lot of great people at the ACFW local writers group. In fact after my first local meeting I came home with a list of twenty things to follow up on. They even suggested this site to create a web site/blog. The point is, being a part of a writers group has given me the connections I need to further my career.

There are all kinds of writers groups online. Great free groups include ChristianWriters.com, Writing.com, limited access on FaithWriters.com, or the forum AboslueWrite.com water cooler. There are also genre specific groups like Romance Writers of America (which has local groups too) or Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. For a great list of writers group check out ForWriters.com or do a Google search.

I guarantee if you join a well-organized writers group, you’ll further your skills and maybe even your writing career. While the free groups are a good place to start, most of the best groups require some kind of fee. But really, what’s $50 a year if it leads to a publishing contract? Sometimes you’ve got to put your money where your mouth is. If you’re serious about getting published, find an organization to join. You won’t regret it.



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