My 2011 Writing Goals

I recently joined ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers). I emailed the leaders of my local chapter and they invited me to their Christmas party. It was a brunch where I got to meet everyone with no pressure. I met some really great people who gave me a lot of resources. I came home with a list of 25+ things to follow up on! If you’ve been thinking about joining a writer’s group, I encourage you to check out ACFW. It’s reasonably priced and has great resource.

At the writer’s group Christmas brunch we talked about goals and were assigned accountability partners. My accountability partner is moving to Hawaii, so it will all be online. In the spirit of online accountability, I had the crazy idea to post my 2011 goals on my blog. Have a peek:

2011 Writing Goals

Weekly Goal:

  1. Write 2500 words a week
  2. Write blog entry

Monthly Goal:

  1. Research agents and send queries to 10 agents a month, if necessary
  2. Update website
  3. Read at least one ACFW workshop or course archive
  4. Attend writer’s group meetings

Bi-monthly Goal:

  1. Read one writing craft novel every other month
  2. Research & consider writing articles for publication

January Goals:

  1. Write snowflake design for second novel, thriller currently titled ENEMIES AT HOME by end of January
  2. Find critique partner
  3. Perfect query for first novel A CORNER OF REALITY
  4. Create website/blog

February Goals:

  1. Start writing ENEMIES AT HOME in February
  2. Enter Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest with both novels

March – June Goals:

  1. Enter Genesis Contest with both novels
  2. Continue writing ENEMIES AT HOME and finish by end of June
  3. If agents aren’t receptive to A CORNER OF REALITY research and send proposals directly to publishing houses

July/August Goals:

  1. Edit ENEMIES AT HOME and finish second draft by end of September
  2. Write query and proposal package for ENEMIES AT HOME
  3. Research agents and send queries, 10 a month if necessary
  4. Fund raise for ACFW conference

September Goals:

  1. Prepare pitches for conference for both novels, maybe sci-fi book too
  2. Attend ACFW conference
  3. Follow up with connections/resources from conference

October Goals:

  1. Research ways to market books
  2. Write articles for publication
  3. Start third draft of ENEMIES AT HOME, if necessary. Continue to query agents
  4. Find critiquers for ENEMIES AT HOME

November Goals:

  1. If agents/publishers still aren’t receptive to A CORNER OF REALITY, research ebook options
  2. Begin snowflake design for third book, sci-fi/fantasy currently untitled

December Goals:

  1. Finish snowflake design for sci-fi book
  2. Set goals for 2012

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